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Well this happened by pixelpallet6 Well this happened :iconpixelpallet6:pixelpallet6 0 0 Happy birthday Tad by pixelpallet6 Happy birthday Tad :iconpixelpallet6:pixelpallet6 0 0 Tad by pixelpallet6 Tad :iconpixelpallet6:pixelpallet6 0 0
Krypto episode 6 Tree of Magic
Brenda: Alright everyone I know you've had a lot of excitement, but I think it's about time to calm down and go to bed.
Henry: Oh come on, I could fight ten more of those things.
Tusky(caring Brainy): I don't know Henry,(yawns)I'm pretty sure that you had trouble with just two of them.
Krypto: Speaking of two, where Tad and the Defect?
Tad(runs in): Hey guys.
Brenda: Where were you?
Tad: Just helping someone.
Benny: But where's the robot?
Tad: Helping out Buddy and Bullet.
Brenda: I'm glad you're helping someone out but I just want you all in bed.
Krypto: Already took care of Streaky.
Tusky: Come on Brainy.(walks up stairs)
Brainy: Thanks Tusks.
Tad: I wonder how the others are doing.
(meanwhile at the hospital)
Buddy: Alright sis, one step at a time.
Bullet(with robot legs): (stumbling)
Buddy: How do you feel?
Bullet: Odd, but a bit better.
Defect(walks in): You know, I could help you use your new limbs.
Bullet: Uh...
Defect: Don't worry, I'm not like the other dog-bots, my name is do
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Krypto (updated) by pixelpallet6 Krypto (updated) :iconpixelpallet6:pixelpallet6 1 0 Max by pixelpallet6 Max :iconpixelpallet6:pixelpallet6 1 0 Bridget and June 2.0. by pixelpallet6 Bridget and June 2.0. :iconpixelpallet6:pixelpallet6 0 0 Tad train(me) by pixelpallet6 Tad train(me) :iconpixelpallet6:pixelpallet6 0 0 Zoe Pepper by pixelpallet6 Zoe Pepper :iconpixelpallet6:pixelpallet6 0 0
Krypto episode 5 Defect
Tad(runs into hospital): Where's Bullet?
Cat: Room 324.
Tad: (runs into elevator)
(in room 324)
Bullet(on hospital bed): (groans)
Turkish Van Cat: Well it's seem we've stop the bleeding, but we have nothing to substitute her limbs.
Rottweiler: So what can we do?
Turkish Van Cat: All can do is wait.
Tad(runs in): (gasping for air)
Buddy: Tad, where were you?
Tad: Checking out what made that noise remember?
Buddy: Oh yeah.
Rottweiler: What ever you did, all I know is why you didn't save my daughter?
Tad: Sir I tried, nut the cat just gave me the slip.
Rottweiler: Whatever, I'll snap that cat's neck if I have to catch her!
Buddy: Dad, calm down.
Bullet: (groans)
Turkish Van Cat: Bullet needs her rest, I'll have to ask you leave.
Tad: If you say so.(walks out of room)
Brenda: I'm sorry what happened to your sister.
Buddy: It's okay, I'm sure some one at S.T.A.R. labs can help her.
Rottweiler: Not likely son, the limbs we got from the broken robots are broken and the ones that are still int
:iconpixelpallet6:pixelpallet6 0 0
Lucy by pixelpallet6 Lucy :iconpixelpallet6:pixelpallet6 0 0 Candy by pixelpallet6 Candy :iconpixelpallet6:pixelpallet6 1 0 Dotty by pixelpallet6 Dotty :iconpixelpallet6:pixelpallet6 1 0 Kelly by pixelpallet6 Kelly :iconpixelpallet6:pixelpallet6 1 0
Krypto episode 4
Pinkie(assisting Brenda): Okay we're back at the orphanage.
Brenda: Thanks Pinkie.(walks inside) I just can't believe what's been happening lately.
Pinkie: Just calm and I can regenerate your wounds.
Brenda(wounds regenerate): (turns on TV)
Marian(on TV): I'm here after another robot attack, but thankfully the labordor and husky came back to fight with some allies.  Some of them include a bull dog, a Dachshund, and a Dalmatian.  I'm going to try getting an interview with one of them, excuse me young pup what does it feel to be fight such monstrous mechs?
Tusky: Well I have to say fighting them a second time is not as good as the last time, but still awesome.
Marian: Well I think this town is much safer with these pups around.
Tad(on TV): Look as much as I won't be popular we've gotta go.(grabs Tusky and runs off)
Marian: Well this as been critical news on channel 17, tune in next to seen in store for our  town.
Rottweiler(walks up to cat-bot pieces): Get some dogs to cle
:iconpixelpallet6:pixelpallet6 1 0
Krypto episode 3: Sword in the Stone
Tad: (playing handheld console)
Tusky(tapping on glass): Tad, it's us.  Let's us in.
Tad(opens window): Why don't you just break it down?
Krypto(tosses in Tusky): Brenda will notice.(flies in)
Tad: Oh yeah, that's right.(closes window)
Tusky: Let's just try and forget this.(lies in bed)
Krypto: Yeah the laser eyes thing kind of wore me out.(Collapses on bed)
Tad(sits on bed): Good night.
(the next day)
Brenda: (cooking breakfast)
Pups: (walk downstairs)
Brenda: Morning kids.
Henry: What are you cooking?
Brenda: I've been notified about the terrible food, so until I find another cook who knows what he's cooking, I'll be making your meals.
Brainy: Oh good, I was getting tired of eating mush.
Krypto and Tusky(walk downstairs): (groan)
Streaky: What happened to you two.
Tusky: We had trouble sleeping last night.
Brenda: Oh Tad, I brought TV to entertainer the orphans, could you turn it on?
Tad: OK.(pushes button)
(TV turns on)
Ross(on TV): We now take a look at the events of yesterday
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A Very belated St patrick's day comic by kingofthedededes73 A Very belated St patrick's day comic :iconkingofthedededes73:kingofthedededes73 18 3 Four Nations by SelenaEde Four Nations :iconselenaede:SelenaEde 378 110 Isabelle ~ Animal Crossing by PilloTheStarplestian Isabelle ~ Animal Crossing :iconpillothestarplestian:PilloTheStarplestian 90 21 Main Six of the Mirror World by Pony-Berserker Main Six of the Mirror World :iconpony-berserker:Pony-Berserker 2,041 257 The Santiagos by darrenrosario The Santiagos :icondarrenrosario:darrenrosario 112 36 My Little Griffon: Friendship is CAWW by FaeDeeDraws My Little Griffon: Friendship is CAWW :iconfaedeedraws:FaeDeeDraws 130 5 Ivor the Engine Sprite Deluxe Sheet by Nictrain123 Ivor the Engine Sprite Deluxe Sheet :iconnictrain123:Nictrain123 30 3 Paws OFF The Shepherd! by kreazea Paws OFF The Shepherd! :iconkreazea:kreazea 71 39 Pupster, Danny and Joan by Pupster0071 Pupster, Danny and Joan :iconpupster0071:Pupster0071 54 2 My Little Teenaged Dragon by RelightCharge My Little Teenaged Dragon :iconrelightcharge:RelightCharge 9 5 Untitled by HairyFood Untitled :iconhairyfood:HairyFood 25 4 Mordecai and Rigby Playing Switch by DJgames Mordecai and Rigby Playing Switch :icondjgames:DJgames 31 3 Dance Party by DarkrexS Dance Party :icondarkrexs:DarkrexS 87 11 Reunion of Digital Universes by 3D4D Reunion of Digital Universes :icon3d4d:3D4D 32 11 Scooby And The Machine by RexiDoodle Scooby And The Machine :iconrexidoodle:RexiDoodle 92 39 DJ-Lutions: Encore Performance by PeekingBoo DJ-Lutions: Encore Performance :iconpeekingboo:PeekingBoo 2,532 179


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The reason I've been away for so long is because I've been working on my fimfiction account…

this is the first story I've released check it out.

I'll try to working with Krypto, Animal High, and my Fimfiction equally


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